The distinction between acceptable sexual behaviour and addictive sexual behaviour can be difficult to determine. However, all addictions have common traits at their core. These include an obsession and constant preoccupation with the addictive substance or behaviour, engaging in dangerous activities to satisfy the compulsion, and continuing the behaviour regardless of the consequences. Read more to find out about the specific symptoms of sex addiction and the treatment for the love addiction help. Additionally, we provide tips on how to increase cum loads in this article, which you may find useful.

Sex addiction symptoms
Just like men, sex-addicted women will be obsessive about sex. Both male and female sex addict symptoms involve constantly thinking about sex, trying to find ways to engage in it, or battling the urge to have it.

Female sex addicts will experience the following symptoms:

Difficulty focusing on subjects other than sex
Finding thoughts about sex frequently overwhelming
Feeling unable to control compulsive sexual behaviour
Feeling unable to stop their behaviour, despite promises to themselves or others
Neglecting family, relationships, career obligations or other responsibilities to seek out sex
Frequent feelings of intense guilt, shame and self-loathing over sexual acts or their own thoughts
Continued sexual behaviour regardless of the consequences
Participating in risky, possibly illegal, sexual behaviour to satisfy their impulses
Women with a sex addiction rarely gain lasting satisfaction from the activity, yet persist in pursuing sex. They are unlikely to form emotional bonds with their sexual partners, leading to even more intense feelings of loneliness and remorse.

While the causes of sex addiction aren’t fully understood, a few influencing factors have been identified for female sex addicts.

Research by the Sexual Recovery Institute has shown that there is often a combination of rigidity and lack of emotional support in a female sex addict’s family of origin. Studies have shown that as many as 78% of women sex addicts were sexually abused in childhood.

Other common characteristics of female sex addicts, according to Psych Central, include:

A pre-existing mental health issue like bipolar disorder (during the manic state), borderline personality disorder or dependent personality disorder
Severe identity confusion regarding their own sexual orientation
Experiences of childhood sexual abuse, often repeating patterns of abuse in a subconscious attempt to gain control over their childhood trauma
Delayed intellectual development in teenagers and young adults, such as those with Asperger’s Syndrome
A tendency towards addiction, such as an existing issue with substance abuse