“I talked to family counselors and pastors, but no one understood my situation with addiction to sex and porn and how to help like Murray.”

Gregg H

Litchfield, IL

“When Murray and Betsy met with Kate and me we felt we had found a unique resource. Murray and Betsy are trained professionals but in recovery themselves. Together we improved our marriage that was so devastated by sex addiction.”

Jeff and Kate C

Wheaton, IL

“After a year of attempts at sobriety, I thought I would have to accept the fact that I was a Sex Addict that could never stay sober. Murray worked with me by setting up a daily accountability program that kept me from continuous relapses. Today I have nine months of sobriety, and I believe I can start to recover from this horrible disease.”

Gary S

Dayton, OH

“After several years of failed attempts to get sober from sex and porn addiction I knew I needed more help and the 12-Step programs. Murray provided me accountability, education and set a daily routine that kept me out of trouble. I just celebrated two years and I owe it to my faith, the SAA 12-steps and Murray’s day to day guidance on how to get and stay sober.”

James H

Glen Ellyn, IL

“I have known Murray for almost 25 years. His wisdom and ability to connect with addicts has made him someone people trust. He is a very spiritual person and that helps people understand that it takes more than 12-Step meetings and hope to create a real spiritual awakening.”

Mark H

Naperville, IL

“Murray has been a guide for me in my recovery from Sex Addiction. I spent 60 days at a world-class treatment center for Sex Addiction and relapsed two weeks after I got home. Murray helped me translate what I had learned into a program for day to day living.”

Mike A

Chicago, IL

“For over 20 years I have seen Murray’s spiritual work transform addicts from despair and hopelessness into a life full of joy and grace.”

John H

Naperville, IL

“I have known Murray for nearly ten years. I have heard him speak to groups and successfully counsel individuals and couples that suffer from the devastating effects of sex and porn addiction. His knowledge, experience, spiritual foundation and caring nature have enabled Murray to bring healing to many, often when hope is lost. I highly recommend Murray as a trusted practitioner in this very needed service. Murray has a powerful message that bears witness to the power of faith based recovery.”

Scott McCawley

Catholic Priest Diocese of Joliet

“At first I didn’t know how to apply the 12-Steps of SAA into my day to day sobriety. Murray and I worked together, and I did quite a bit of writing along with local meetings and daily calls to him. I now know what it means to grow myself up emotionally. Life is so much easier once you understand the triggers of your Sex Addiction.”

Brian M

Nashville, TN