Accountability – New Habits – Consequences

Sobriety begins with abstinence. Sustained sobriety will help create the ability to become teachable. If you have the capacity to be rigorously honest and open to guidance you can create real recovery. Recovery transforms thinking and creates a spiritual awakening that will turn crushing shame and remorse into a life of joy and grace. Through accountability we learn tools to maintain DAILY sobriety. Intrusive thoughts will corrupt sobriety so new defenses need to be integrated. The Recovery Coach is your daily accountability partner until NEW HABITS are formed that enable sustainable sobriety. These new habits enable emotional transparency, safe intimacy and the knowledge of your triggers to relapse and how to avoid them. To reinforce new habits we develop appropriate consequences that result from a slip into addictive thinking or behavior. Consequences can be as simple as snapping a rubber band on your wrist to writing and discussing a full disclosure of behavior to the coach or partner. Through these tools you will transform yourself from an addict trapped in endless cycles of relapse and remorse to a recovering addict that understands and accepts themselves, their life and all around them. You will learn to walk in the light of the spirit and be of service to others. Together we can succeed. Come with me on a journey of hope. The materials below are some of the tools we will use that support our new way of thinking.

I have walked your path with many other Sex Addicts that have found joyful, lasting sobriety. You are not alone.

Dr. Patrick Carnes Textbook on Sexual Addiction causes, cures and recovery.

Basic text for Sexual Addiction Recovery.

Dr. Doug Weiss textbook of exercises for the recovering Sex Addict.

Dr. Doug Weiss DVD for man to man Sex Addiction discussions.

Colins & Collins MA. Repair your relationship for good. Case studies and exercises.

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Love Addiction for Sex Addicts.

Dr. Doug Weiss Scripture Based textbook for the recovering Sex Addict.

Dr. Doug Weiss DVD for the wife or partner of the recovering Sex Addict.

Bill Wilson Dr. Bob’s original textbook for the 12-Steps of AA. The framework for SA/SAA 12-Steps

Writing exercises to enable transformational thinking from sobriety into recovery.

Dr. Doug Weiss non-secular workbook for the recovering Sex Addict.

Dr. Doug Weiss DVD for recovering men that want to learn how to love a partner.