Recovery Ministry for Men and Their Partners.

I have helped hundreds of Sex Addicts develop and maintain real recovery. My program is simple but proven to be extremely effective to Sex Addicts of all types.
You are not alone.

With over 30 years of personal recovery I live the solution I am blessed to teach others.
“Then the devil left him, and behold, angels came and were ministering to him.”
Matthew 4:11

My faith-based program consists of three basic but powerful concepts:

Accountability. Using structured, repeated contact we identify triggers, develop tactical survival tools, improve interpersonal skills and provide planning and monitoring of daily activities focused on sobriety. Jobs and home life remain unchanged but new, transformational thinking is introduced. The addict learns to corrupt fantasies leading to slips and relapses. Daily reporting to The Coach (and partner if there is one) of the emotional highs and lows teaches self-awareness and creates authentic accountability the addict needs to understand about themselves. The lack of emotional and behavioral accountability is the number one factor in the return of addictive thinking and a trigger into the relapse process.

New Habits. The addict, now free from lost time previously spent acting out, learns healthy time management and carries out a well-developed recovery program on a daily basis. We include materials and action steps that teach self-nurturing, emotional balancing and self-direction that leads to healthy living. The proper use of recovery tools and 12-Step programs along with activities that enrich spiritual growth, including prayer, are emphasized. The work we do and the tools we use are developed specifically for your needs. There is no “one size fits all” in our road to recovery. We also incorporate tools and methods that were developed by Dr. Patrick Games, Pia Melody, Dr. Doug Weiss and other experts in the field of sex and porn addiction recovery.

Consequences. Creating a safe environment where emotional and behavioral honesty and disclosure for slips, lapses and relapses to The Coach is essential. Sex addicts are taught how to set and respect boundaries, develop healthy nurturing strategies and make necessary lifestyle changes to promote healthy, sober decision making. The path to sustainable sobriety can be bumpy. Stopping addictive behavior is only half of recovering. Starting new, healthy behaviors is just as important. Together we develop consequences that encourage this new way of thinking. Development of appropriate consequences designed to encourage sober living can also identify weaknesses in the recovery process and can be powerful learning tools.

The path to recovery from years or even decades of sex and porn addiction has been well documented by my many successful clients. My education, training and personal experience will enable us to create a customized program to get you sober and into real recovery. Abstinence is not the answer. Just stopping addictive behavior does not enable sustainable sobriety. Only the application of a well developed daily action plan that includes sobriety, honesty, spiritual growth and the tools needed to obtain emotional balance can bring true recovery to the sex and porn addict.
My program is highly successful when rigorously applied. Together we can beat this monster and turn crushing shame into a life of freedom and joy!

Be well, Murray Carlson, Professional Sex Addiction Recovery Coach, Christian Family Recovery Coach, Life Coach, Career Coach.

“After several years of failed attempts to get sober from sex and porn addiction I knew I needed more help and the 12-Step programs. Murray provided me accountability, education and set a daily routine that kept me out of trouble. I just celebrated two years and I owe it to my faith, the SAA 12-steps and Murray’s day to day guidance on how to get and stay sober.”

James H

Glen Ellyn, IL